Peters O. Oladosu, PhD.Peters O. Oladosu, PhD.

(Group Head, Ethical Consideration in research governance in COVID 19, member Candidate Therapeutic Research and Development).

Dr. Peters Oladosu, is a Research Fellow at National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Abuja Nigeria. Currently, Associate Research Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Dr. Oladosu was a onetime Head of Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology, NIPRD (2012 -2016). During this period he was Principal Investigator of the NIPRD Anti-tuberculosis Research Team and Project Manager STEP B/NIPRD grant for the development of phytomedicine for the management of diabetes in Nigeria.

Dr. Peters served as Technical Review Assistant to Ebola Treatment Research Group of Ministry of Health (2014) during Ebola Virus epidemic, member National Action Plan Committee for Antimicrobial Resistance. Currently, serving as Member, National Mirror Committee on African Traditional Medicine (responsible for the standardisation of medicinal plants in Nigeria) and Member National Health Research Committee, Ministry of Health.

He has authored and co-authored about 80 articles in peer reviewed Journals. He is an awardee of local and international grants – National Institute of Health, USA grant award for the development of antituberculosis from Nigerian medicinal plants (2005), Nigeria – Japan grant for Social development (2016) and Nigerian Conservative Foundation, PhD scholarship in memory of Chief S.L. Edu. (2008). He is the Assistant Editor of Journal of Phytomedicine and Therapeutics (JOPAT).

Dr. Peters Oladosu is a graduate of Lvov State University, Ukraine (former USSR) and University of Abuja, Nigeria. His area of research are Tuberculosis research, antimicrobial of natural products and quality of medicine. He is a member of many professional bodies; American Society of Microbiology, Nigerian Society of Microbiology

He is the group head of Ethical Consideration for Research Governance in COVID 19 and a member of Candidate Therapeutic Research and Development group of NCRC.